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Logo re-design


Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop




3 days

Q'sano is a small business that sells 100% kefir milk and cheese. This carefully crafted product is made with passion and dedication. Q'sano offers two delightful cheese flavours: Natural and Fine Herbs.


Q'sano believes that things made with love taste the nicest and that is why their slogan "hecho con amor", which translates to "made with love", captures character of the brand


​The objective of this project is to develop a professional logo suitable for display on containers. The primary aim is to effectively communicate that the product is crafted with care and love in a homemade setting​


Before & after

Colour palette

Pickled Bluewood

Hex: 2A474F

RGB: 42, 71, 79

CMYK: 83, 59, 53, 39

Concept Development

House + Heart

When initiating the project, I made the decision to maintain the overall aesthetics of the existing logo, as it already holds a significant impact. At the customer's request, I retained the same color scheme and instead concentrated on crafting a logo that embodies memorable qualities. My goal was to encapsulate the character of the individual behind the brand while effectively representing its identity. Opting for a one-line logo, I aimed to communicate a sense of professionalism and sophistication, while also evoking the warmth and nurturing qualities like a heartfelt housewarming gift.

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