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App  Design






5 weeks

Designed the UX/UI interface for a developing application known as parentUspace. Gaby design focused on creating a user-friendly experience, with a minimalistic design translating into a calming and welcoming appearance. The aim was to be easy. Easy to use, easy on the eyes, allowing the design to compliment the objectives of the apps. Gaby’s work on the interface offered branding guidelines for future marketing.


parentUspacce provides a community for parents to connect and share their experiences. aims to address the need for an innovative parenting app that focuses on improving the parent child relationship and raising awareness about parental mental health.


  • Improve: The app offers a centralized platform for the parents, under a profile section that aims to promote the practice of mindfulness and parental mental-health and wellbeing

  • Home page: Create a forum like home base platform where parents can easily engage with other parents

  • Visual appeal: The app should strike a sense of calmness and should be aesthetically pleasing, while also providing elements that will further emphasize a personalize user experience 

Home Page

The app's home section provides a curated feed of informative articles, blog posts, and expert advice on various aspects of parenting. The content is regularly updated to ensure relevance and reliability. It covers topics such as child development, effective communication, positive discipline, and nurturing emotional intelligence.

Home page.png

The profile section serves as a personalized space for each user. It includes the following features:

a. Forum Section:

This forum feature offers an interactive space for parents to connect, seek advice, and share experiences. Users can participate in discus sions, post questions, and receive support from a community of like-minded parents. The forum is organized into categories, making it easier for users to find relevant discussions

b. Tracking Section:

The tracking section allows parents to monitor and improve their own mental health and mindfulness practices. It includes features like mood tracking. guided meditation exercises, and reminders for self-care activities. This section aims to raise awareness about parental mental health and encourage parents to prioritize their well-being.

Daily Check in
prentUspace focuses on providing resources, community, and support for parents to improve their own mental health and wellbeing, as well as their children's.
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