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Torres Vanegas

About Me

As a graphic designer and multidisciplinary artist, Gaby’s strength is in her ability to identify, analyze, and visualize abstract concepts and transform them into visual realities.

Gaby is passionate about transforming abstract concepts into visual realities. With a diverse background and deep appreciation in the fine arts - painting, photography, films, and sculpture - she brings to the table unique conceptual capabilities, and is careful to consider all sides of the coin.

I absolutely love experimenting and challenging myself! Lately, I've been diving into the world of Augmented Reality and exploring how I can use this incredible tool to expand the boundaries of my painted world

How do I come up with my compositions?..

I have a deep fascination and appreciation for various art forms, including films, literature, and contemporary art. It is the magic essence inherent in these forms that primarily inspires my creative process. One of my goals as an artist is to create work that captures a sense of continuation, as if it were recording an existing moment in time. I strive to evoke emotions and tell stories through my art. I invite viewers to connect with the narratives I present. By blending my passion for different art forms, I aim to create visually compelling pieces that resonate with others on a profound level 

I take pride on challenging myself and on doing things on my own. It makes better at my work and teaches me that I am just one step away from improving

I'm incredibly passionate about art, and I also have a deep love for my community. I believe that art has the power to bring people together and inspire change. It is a dream of mine to make a difference through my artistic endeavors 

WACE Global Challenge 2021

WACE Global Challenge.png

In 2021, Gaby had the privilege of participating in the WACE Global Challenge, an incredible opportunity that enabled her to connect with students from around the world. Together, they embarked on a collaborative journey to address real-life issues that align with the UN Social Development Goals (SDGs).

During the challenge, Gaby had the chance to network with talented individuals who shared a common passion for making a positive impact. Throughout the challenge, they analyzed complex issues and developed innovative solutions that addressed the needs of communities around the world. This involved conducting extensive research, brainstorming ideas, and leveraging our skills in design thinking and project management.

Participating in the WACE Global Challenge Gaby had to used technical and problem-solving to come up with creative and innovative ideas that were used in the final delivery of her groups project. Gaby demonstrated professionalism, effective communication skills, and collaboration in a cross-functional team by attending weekly Online meetings with the team to discuss project requirements and project updates, effectively demonstrating ability to communicate across different time zones .  The experience showed her first hand the importance of empathy, cultural sensitivity, and the power that collective effort has in driving meaningful change.

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