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Women are Just More beautiful


Digital art




Adobe illustrator

Created a short story of surveillance that parallels the reports of male stackers and women going missing. This piece is a reflective work on the lack of urgency that is often given to reports of this nature.

.Did you laugh? Did you question the pink ball? When you see it for the first time, it may make you laugh or seem like a game of hide and seek. This piece reflects on how we don't take reports of women being followed by creepy individuals and eventually disappearing seriously enough. This is evident by the repeated occurrence of such incidents with no sense of urgency or action taken.

Women are just more beautiful2.png
Women are just more beautiful3.png
Women are just more beautiful4.png
Women are just more beautiful5.png
Women are just more beautiful6.png
Women are just more beautiful7.png
Women are just more beautiful8.png

“One of the most egregious manifestations of gender bias is the phenomenon of ‘missing women.’”*

*Dasgupta, Aparajita, and Anisha Sharma. “Missing Women: A Review of Underlying Causes and Policy Responses.” Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Economics and Finance.  20. Oxford University Press

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