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Digital art, GIF

Programs used

Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects



Target is a GIF showcasing a darts game with a woman figurine intercepting in between the target board. Gaby's work puts the viewer as a passive observer and openly asks if there is a space for the hand to throw the dart, and if so, then to where and what is the target? The inspiration came from 2010s computer target games that were relatively flat and with minimal motion.


I stumbled upon a video on TikTok that showed the reality of life in Afghanistan for many women and the people protesting against these injustices. As I was aware of the current situation, the video got me thinking. I felt helpless, realizing that there was little I could do to make a difference and . I wondered;, "What can I do?" but could not come up with a solution. I became a spectator like everyone else. ​Coincidentally, the following video was a dart competition between a man and a woman, and unbelievably for all the spectators, and myself, the woman won the game. This got me thinking about darts as a game that is typically associated with masculinity. Even if one does not know the game, the objective of the game is simple: to hit a target.


Design and Composition

The composition of the scene was kept simple to stop the viewer from wandering elsewhere in the frame and focus their attention on the target. The inspiration came from 2010 style computer target games that were relatively flat and with minimal motion, the difference being that a woman figurine is added in between the target board and the darts.

 I took inspiration from the weather report colour coding system (green to red), where red indicates the most affected areas of a given phenomenon, to colour the woman figurine. I used the deepest shade of red in the belly area as a symbol of the objectification of the female body and the gradual erasure of womanhood.

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