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My Colombian Dinner table


Digital art

Programs used

Adobe Illustrator,  Adobe photoshop, Adobe Aero



For this Augmented Reality (AR) piece, I worked with nostalgia and the inevitable distance to my culture as I reside in Canada. The work brings the viewer into a virtual dinner table composed of 2d images that showcases all the food and iconic items of my city, Cali. As It references my reality, it can only be accessed through a phone screen

Video of AR Experience

Anchor Image

8x10_image ancher_my colombian dinner table_Artivive.jpg

Much of the sharing of culture is constrained by the confines of a phone screen. This augmented reality piece explores my nostalgia and the inevitable distance to my culture as a result of residing in Canada. The virtual dinner table I have created is composed of 2D images that showcase all the food and iconic items from my hometown, Cali, that I would share with others.

Design and Composition

The table itself features Colombian patterns and the face of the table is adorned with the iconic Trompeta de Jairo Varela, a large trumpet sculpture located in Cali. There are a total of six chairs around the table, five of which display imagery representing the city's iconic sites and statues, such as "El Gato de Rio," the couple dancing Salsa, and the Ermita church. Furthermore, there are a few birds around the table that are indigenous to Colombia, including the condor, which is the national emblem.

Viewers are encouraged to move around the table and explore the 2D image composition. During this interactive experience, viewers may become frustrated when attempting to touch certain items in the real space only to realize that they exist solely within the phone screen. The limitations of this interaction parallel my own helplessness and disconnection from my culture. I can only revisit my culture through online searches and share a significant part of myself with others through my verbal communication skills and by showing images on my phone. As such, everything I receive is filtered through a phone screen, and everything the viewer experiences is as well.

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