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Instituto de Emprendimiento




Adobe Indesign, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator




2 weeks

Design an eye-catching e-book for a small business whose main focus is helping others achieve financial stability. She developed a captivating book cover and a easy to read page layout and skillfully incorporated the brand colours, blue and pink,  living a lasting impression to the audience.

Instituto de Emprendimiento is a small business that believes that financial stability is essential for living a stress-free life, and is dedicated to help others achieve this financial stability without sacrificing their primary source of income.


  • Brand colour: The Ebook should incorporate the brand colours, blue and pink, harmoniously, ensuring a balance and unobtrusive reading experience​

  • Visual appeal: The ebook page layout should be easy on the eyes providing optimal experience to the consumers

  • Copy title: 5 Aspectos Claves para Emprender sin Renunciar  a tu Fuente Principal de Ingresos

  • Copy subtitle: con Método Disciplina y Enfoque Emprender sera para ti

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