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Harmony Dance




Adobe Indesign, Adobe Photoshop




1 week

Created a unique advertising poster for Harmony Dance Studio’s 25th Annual Dance Competition. She used a visually engaging graphic design style of photography compositions to create an eye-catching poster that effectively promoted the event and captured the essence of their studio. 


Harmony Dance Studio is a renowned dance studio that caters to children and young adults, providing them with exceptional dance training and performance. Harmony dance studio specializes in  ballet and contemporary dance


  • Design vision:. Promote the idea of "reaching your dreams" as the goal of the studio is to create the future generation of dancers. 

  • Use High contrast

  • Copy:  "Show you Talent"

  • Visual Appeal: Create a high-contrast poster and incorporate elements that convey a sense of passion and grace.



One of the key objectives of Dance Harmonie is to assist young dancers in achieving their dreams. The photo edit for this project is designed to embody this objective. The edit portrays a girl sitting on the dance floor, reaching towards the light. Is she gazing at her dreams, her future, or possibly envisioning herself as a future dancer? I wanted to encapsulate, visually, the notion of "reaching out". Therefore, I chose a young girl as my subject because she symbolizes the ideas of wonder, ambition, and purpose.

Before & After


The first step in my editing process involved separating the brackgrond form the subject to add drama in front and behind the girl to add dynamism to the composition. Each layer was adjusted for opacity and blending modes to ensure a cohesive final image.

Next, I added lighting accentuate the dancer, the focal point of the design. The light, portrayed as emanating from above, subtly guides the viewer's eye towards the dancer and creates a poignant contrast with the surrounding darkness. This lighting manipulation lends a theatrical touch to the composition, mirroring the drama and emotion inherent in dance.

I then introduced a layer of smoke to craft an ethereal and dream-like atmosphere, enhancing the mystique and aspiration the young dancer represents. The smoke was carefully edited to complement the scene without overwhelming the primary subject.

Lastly, I applied a color gradient across the composition to unify all elements. I opted for a spectrum of colors that resonates with the theme of dreams and aspirations, and blended these hues meticulously to achieve a visually pleasing and emotive effect.


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