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Acrylic and oil on unstratch canvas


9' x 53"



Serendipia: Spanish word for serendipity.

Serendipia is a discovery that happened by mistake 

This painting is inspired by my personal journey into understanding my culture. This is a study into how the cardinal sings play a tool in my understanding of the human condition

I've always been fascinated by fairy tales, pondering their meanings and the reasons for their enduring appeal. They must hold lessons, given their longevity. During my exploration of these tales, I uncovered a recurring theme: the cardinal sins, or the seven deadly sins. Each sin is paired with a contrasting virtue: Pride with Humility, Envy with Charity, Gluttony with Temperance, Lust with Chastity, Anger with Patience, Greed with Generosity, and Sloth with Diligence.

This realization prompted a deeper exploration of sins and virtues. I questioned whether we should wholly avoid sins and if they truly stand in stark contrast to virtues. Initially, I envisioned presenting sins on one side and virtues on the other. Yet, the more I delved into them, the more intertwined they seemed. Sins and virtues coexist, forming the intricate tapestry of human existence.

My reflections led me to two insights: Firstly, it's crucial to avoid the extremes of sins as they tend to be more detrimental than beneficial. Secondly, when virtues are taken to their extreme, they morph into sins. Consider humility: while it's admirable to be humble, excessive humility might make one too passive, undermining one's strengths. Similarly, while patience is a virtue, excessive patience might lead to inertia or complacency.

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