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Everyday is the Same Day 


Digital media, AR, Adobe creative cloud



This is an art installation diving into the absurdity of everyday life. Hear alarms buzzing, keyboards clacking, and endless blah-blah-blah. It's a cycle of monotony, where days blend into one another. Come ponder life's repetitiveness in this immersive experience

Cover_Trigger image.jpg

Trigger image



Story Line

In the cacophony of everyday, the symphony of routine plays on—an endless loop of buzzing tic-toe alarms, clacking clack-clack-clack keyboards, and droning blah-blah-blah conversations. Each day unfolds like a broken re-rec-record, the rhythm of monotony punctuated by the occasional discordant note tic-tic-toc-tic. Amidst the chaos, we drown in the absurdity of a life where every day is the same day



Frame 1: The house

Inhabited shack, a refuge from work's chaos. Eyes glued to the nauseating blue glow from the rectangular 4K TV blaring stereo sound

Frame 2: The Blooming Flower

"In rat race of career pursuits, we define ourselves by titles and achievements, but when was the last time you saw"

Frame 3: The Office

"Each day blurs into the next—a relentless repetition where going to work becomes a ritual of sameness, a monotonous loop where every day is the same day."


"The struggle of man agains the universe"

From October 2023 to March 2024, I was immersed in a journey of creativity, growth, and innovation alongside some truly inspiring mentors and fellow mentees. Through this program, I've had the chance to:

  • Forge meaningful connections within the artistic community

  • Develop my skills in both traditional and cutting-edge Augmented Reality (AR) art

  • Showcase my final masterpiece at the prestigious NEXTCOMIC 2024 Festival

About NEXTCOMIC 2024

nextcomic – Austria’s unique comic festival – once again invites you on a journey of discovery through the world of drawn images. Fans of the graphic arts can discover comics, graphic novels, children’s and art comics as well as related genres such as illustration, cartoons and animated films. From March 15 to 23, sequential and graphic art will be presented in the Ursulinenhof as well as in the partner institutions in Linz and Upper Austria.

fluid is this year’s theme of the Master School of Communication Design. The word is on everyone’s lips. A buzzword? A current term that reflects a mood in society? If you ask yourself what fluid means in connection with spaces and sounds, terms such as fluid hearing and sensing, fluid emotions, fluid communication are topics that arise. FLUID SONIC SPACES, in other words, fluid sound spaces in which you can let yourself drift.

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