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Fitness & Wellness Home


Logo Design




Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Psd


2 months

Fitness & Wellness Home is owned by a personal trainer who is providing personalized personal training and massage therapy.

Fitness & Wellness Home cares about the wellbeing of the person and believes in the power of home fitness


  1. Create a logo using the colour schemes: blue, red and yellow

  2. Style: minimalist

  3. Specifications: It will mainly be used for instagram sot he logo has to be suited for instagram platform



Colour Palette

Hex: 001496

RGB: 0/20/150

CMYK: 75/68/77/90

Hex: ff3333

RGB: 255/51/51

CMYK: 0/92/83/0

Hex: ffa500

RGB: 255/165/0

CMYK: 0/41/100/0

Concept Development


Symbol of strength, endurance, and functionality. It indicates to viewers that the brand is associated with FITNESS.

  • It stands out in the fitness world, as many brands use icons like dumbbells, muscles, and bars.

  • It demonstrates versatility, as it is used for a wide range of exercises targeting various muscle groups, and emphasizes personalized training.

  • It aligns perfectly with the concept of "Wellness Home" and fitness.


  • By incorporating an element that resembles the "F", a visual association with the brand name is established, which helps in recognizing and remembering it. It is a simple logo and, therefore, easy to remember

  • It is very versatile, as the "F" can symbolize words or concepts associated with fitness, such as "fit", "functional", or "focused"


  • The ladder or steps symbolize progress, growth, and advancement.

  • They convey the message that the brand is committed to guiding people on their journey to fitness and wellness step by step.

  • The three steps create a sense of visual hierarchy and also promote the concept of incremental improvement, which resonates with people who value consistency and gradual progress.

  • It is a simple logo and, therefore, easy to remember.

  • A minimalist design approach, with clean lines and simple shapes, is commonly associated with modernity and sophistication.**

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