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Modern Childhood & Memories of the Past





Memories speaks of the awareness of the missing, whether that is in affection, nature, or of a childhood that seems to be a ghost of the  past. The child/ghost are only passive viewers, the child on the first frame is watching the skeleton taking a selfie, it is through observation that we make sense of the world. In the second frame we see a child in the foreground, blending in with the atmosphere unaware of his isolated existence in space. Finally, we have a ghost observing a memory of a past 


The truth painful and scary truth behind modern society is that we are becoming dependent by the creation. We are slaves to social pressure, no matter how much we try to deny it, and are dragging children with us. Childhood is one of the most important periods that we must undergo, it sets the foundation of a life long learning experience; it molds and prepares us for life. Observation become fundamental in understanding how the world works, and this includes observing the parents, their interaction with one another, and most importantly their interaction with the world. How beneficial is iit today to interact with the world through a screen. Babies are just passive viewers that are creating gigantic connection on how to live and respond to life though this passive interactions. 

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