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Publicidad y Marketing

Welcome to Gabriela (Gaby) Torres Vanegas’ Selected Pieces!


With Gaby’s academic and professional background in both visual art and graphic design, she is passionate about visual storytelling.



Her designs create impactful and compelling experiences.​​Adobe Creative cloud (psd, Ai, Ind, ae) | Adobe Aero | Figma | UX/UI | Blender 3DDesign Principles | Colour Theory & Psychology | Branding | Editing & Retouching | Typography   Team work | Integrity & positivity | Innovative thinking | Priority Management | ResearchSpanish | English

"I have always been enchanted by the capacity that visuals have to communicate a message across languages. Art is a universal language that facilitates the delivery of messages and communication. Throughout my career I have cultivated a strong passion to create compelling designs as I have seen first person, through my artistic endeavours, the power that visuals have to embody a brand, communicate with the viewer, and deliver a sentiment."

Javier Dario Lemos Gomez

 Infoemprendedor, Cali, Colombia

Gaby me ayudó con el diseño tanto de la portada como del interior de mis e-books. Supo interpretar muy bien lo que deseaba resaltar y con su diseño generó frescura en la lectura. Altamente recomendada
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