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Absurd Cycle of Hooking Up


Digital art


Programs used

Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects


This video loop deliberately open a conversation with and within the viewer on hookup culture and opens the debate whether hooking up is truly a liberating action against an oppressive system

"The Absurd Cycle of Hooking Up" portrays my perspective on hookup culture and the use of sex to escape societal double standards. Sex has become a disposable commodity, and through conversations with friends and reading about it, it's often treated like a game of who has the most sex.

The characters in the artwork are represented by a person icon and a person outline. I created two identical videos that switch the roles of the characters to emphasize the idea that as one person uses another for pleasure, the other does the same, reducing both parties to mere objects. The idea of sex as a game is portrayed through the disposal of the climaxing character into the garbage while the main character recovers, only for the cycle to repeat. The instruments used in the artwork are a connotation of genitalia, while the moths symbolize destruction.

I chose to create a loop video to comment on the absurdity of this repetitive cycle that provides nothing in return while taking from you.

Purple guy.jpg
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